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Statement of Alderman Khalif J. Rainey:

In Milwaukee we have a major problem with deadly weapons that have been used to kill and maim far too many people – including an increasing number of children – over the past several years. The video from this past weekend near N. 23rd and W. State showing a man spraying bullets from a machine gun ended with a man dead and chillingly shows the problem I am referring to.

So someone please tell me why the state Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee voted 3-2 yesterday in favor of making it easier for people to carry deadly weapons without any training or licensing requirements!
Current state law requires anyone carrying a concealed weapon to obtain a permit and complete training. The so-called “right-to-carry” bill passed by the committee yesterday (and headed as early as next month for a vote by the full Senate) retains that license for people who want to obtain it, but also allows for the carrying of a concealed weapon without obtaining a permit.

Additionally, the proposal also would allow for the carrying of concealed firearms in — or within five feet of — a vehicle on school property. Concealed weapons could be brought onto school grounds when there are no classes or activities happening at the school and only licensed concealed weapons holders could bring them onto school grounds under these terms.

And it gets worse: The bill would also remove the current prohibition on possession of electric weapons, also known as Tasers. Those weapons are allowed under current state law only for people with concealed license permits; the bill would allow anyone to have them.

I have a very hard time trying to understand why anyone would want to make it easier for people to carry deadly weapons – period. I doubt the drafter/s of this legislation consulted with any elected officials from Milwaukee as to the need for such changes to state law (they certainly did NOT consult with me).

I strongly encourage the Senate and all state lawmakers to vote against this ill-conceived proposal.

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