Contact: Erin Grunze, Voter Education Coordinator
September 18, 2017 608-256- 0827; [email protected]

MADISON, WI – In advance of the 2018 statewide elections, 2,000 groups across the country will mobilize to celebrate National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) on September 26, 2017. The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin is proud to join this effort.

Over a dozen local Leagues in communities all across the state will be participating in NVRD by assisting voters with, the recently launched online voter registration system in Wisconsin. Some local Leagues will be in their local high schools registering and educating new voters about the importance of participating in their democracy. Other Leagues are planning to do community registration events in their local libraries. All of the events are to increase voter registration and turnout in the next statewide elections of 2018.

“With the online voter registration system now available for Wisconsin residents that hold a Wisconsin driver’s license or identification card, we’re excited to assist citizens with the registration process using,” says Erin Grunze, LWV of Wisconsin (LWV WI) Voter Education Coordinator. “The registration drives being organized by local Leagues around the state now involve more technology, such as tablets and laptops. But not everyone is eligible to register using the online system. That’s where the League member’s knowledge and experience is so useful. These League members know how to get Wisconsinites not able to use the online system registered on paper which many voters will still need to use.”

The Wisconsin Election Commission’s voter assistance site,, offers more than an online option for registration. It also provides the voter with important information, such as their current voter registration status, polling place location, and what is on the ballot. “ is a great resource. Part of our voter service is helping voters get comfortable with using the online system. Then with more people using, our hope is they will help others use the system to register too,” Grunze said.

National Voter Registration Day relies on partners around the country to serve the needs of each community. Local institutions and organizations are crucial to the success of this initiative. The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin enthusiastically participates each year. For a list of League hosted NVRD events, go to

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