Dem Chair Martha Laning, up for re-election tomorrow, got to give activists an early pitch Friday as she delivered an update on the party’s progress to “turn on the off year.”

The phrase has been party of Laning’s re-election pitch as she has touted the party’s efforts to build its infrastructure ahead of 2018. That includes hiring new regional organizing directors who report to a statewide official.

Laning said the party has new candidate services teams that worked exclusively with those running in red and purple districts that she said were previously ignored. She touted the spring elections, when she said party-backed candidates won 74 percent of the races they competed in.

The party is also working with county leaders and building relationships with partners around the state.

“Now, that’s the kind of change we need in this party,” Laning said in the chair’s report.

Laning and her three challengers — Joe Donovan, Eric Finch and Bryan Kennedy — will address the convention on Saturday ahead of the vote.

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