Contact: Jessica Lovejoy
Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler announces his official endorsement of Judge Rebecca Dallet in her campaign to replace his past opponent Justice Michael Gableman.
“As a former member of the high court, I know what it takes to do this important job, and I endorse Judge Rebecca Dallet in the upcoming Supreme Court election,” said Justice Louis Butler. “The Court needs a strong, experienced, balanced, and independent Justice to serve the people of this great state. Judge Dallet has significant courtroom experience, a deep understanding of the law and our constitutional rights as citizens, and a record of standing up for Wisconsin values and working families.”
“When he ran for reelection 10 years ago, Justice Butler was up against special interests and dark money donors, who spent relentlessly. They took every chance they had to tear him down and ran offensive, racist ads to defeat him,” said Jessica Lovejoy, Campaign Manager for Judge Rebecca Dallet. “This goes to show how far the other side will go, but electing Judge Rebecca Dallet is our chance to take back the Supreme Court for Wisconsin’s citizens. Justice Butler understands that.”
Justice Louis Butler joins more than 300 local leaders, elected officials, and judges from across the state in supporting Judge Rebecca Dallet for Supreme Court. Judge Dallet will be a champion for victims, women, and children on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. She believes in fair and impartial courts and brings the experience we need at a time when our most basic rights are under attack.
Judge Rebecca Dallet is a mom, an experienced attorney, and a judge. She has served on the Circuit Court bench for almost ten years and worked as a prosecutor for more than a decade prior to that. During her career, Dallet worked to put sexual predators behind bars, and prosecuted drug, gun, and violent crime cases. She has served as the presiding judge in domestic violence and misdemeanor court, and presided over serious felony, homicide and drug courts, as well as civil court.
Judge Dallet’s campaign can be found online at, and on Facebook and Twitter at @judgedallet. For more information or to attend an upcoming event, contact Jessica Lovejoy at [email protected] or (608) 318-3065.
A full list of endorsements is available at


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