This post is part of our coverage of the 2017 state GOP convention in Wisconsin Dells. See more coverage here.

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson warned GOP activists of the “primal scream” from the left, saying those on the other end of the political spectrum are “relentless in taking away our freedom.

“We have to be every bit as relentless and tenacious in defending our freedom,” Johnson said.

Still, he urged those at the convention to approach opponents with a warm heart. He told them to get involved in local organizations like the Boys and Girls Club and their churches. While doing that, they should “let it slip out” every now and then that they also volunteer for the Republican Party.

“I think that would probably be the most important and powerful election statement you can ever make,” Johnson said.

The senator said it’s really not that complicated to get the economy growing at a healthier pace, saying it requires security, labor and capital.

The first component includes ensuring those who aspire to innovate feel safe. The second, he added, includes valuing work. That includes no longer denigrating the trades or paying people not to work. It also includes, he said, ensuring while the U.S. secures the border, it also has an immigration policy that ensures American businesses have access to the labor force it needs.

Finally, ensuring there is adequate capital includes reducing burdensome regulations on American businesses.

“What we must do in the political realm is we’ve got to talk to our family, our friends and our neighbors, and we’ve got to let them know just this basic information,” Johnson said.

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