Workshop on Excel strategy
TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017 |

Knowing a few tips and tricks in Excel can make any professional’s life much easier.  Would you be more effective if you could work faster, be more precise and analyze your data like a wiz? Join us tonight.
If you work in sales, marketing, IT, customer service, or other data-heavy disciplines this class is just what you need!

You’ll get introduced to:

-PivotTables to summarize data
-PivotCharts to visually display data
-Dashboards for data analysis
Don’t be scared, it’s just one hour long, and by the time we’re done, you will be confident knowing what Excel is capable of and going back to your desk and getting started. These simple techniques can make a great impression on your boss.
What to Expect:
– Hands-on workshop
– Bring your laptop to learn as we go
– Light food and refreshments are included

About the Instructor
Jennifer Buchholz is a Certified Microsoft Office Master, and owner of MS Office Professor, Jennifer makes learning Excel fun and is focused on improving productivity, streamlining
processes, and reducing frustration.


Jennifer’s training approach marries academic approach to practical application. Her personable delivery and attention to detail makes her an ideal instructor for professonals at all career levels.
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