Contact: Sachin Chheda

MADISON— “We’ve already had two federal courts declare the map unconstitutional in part or whole. It’s time for the legislature to stop with the false talking points, and focus on ensuring every Wisconsin citizen has their rights protected by drawing new maps now. We proved in federal court that Democrats and Republicans are pretty evenly clustered throughout the state and that Democrats in Wisconsin have had their rights violated. Now this story will be told on a national stage.”

“We are disappointed in today’s decision to stay the trial court interim remedy order, but we are still confident that the verdict will be upheld. In the recently concluded Covington case, the interim order was stayed, yet in the end, the plaintiffs won unanimously on the merits. We hope the Whitford case moves quickly so the maps can still be redrawn in time for a fair election to be held in 2018.”

Sachin Chheda, director of the Fair Elections Project, which organized and launched the Whitford case, will be available for interviews today. 

More information about the lawsuit and campaign can be found at the Fair Elections Project website at,, and on Twitter at @WIFairElections and @FairElections.


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