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MADISON – Tony Evers is pledging to join a bipartisan coalition of 15 governors and nearly 400 mayors in cities across the country, representing over 67 million Americans, in supporting the Paris Climate Agreement. The historic Paris Agreement was made between 194 countries working towards protecting our planet from devastating impacts of climate change by creating a more independent, efficient and clean economy.

“I challenge those who believe climate change isn’t real, to find another issue where political leaders in nearly every single country throughout the world have been able to work together and find compromise. This is a real, serious threat – case closed. It’s unfortunate that politicians like Donald Trump and Scott Walker have chosen to divide people and play politics instead of working to find real solutions to real problems,” Evers said.

Walker has notoriously been silent, if not destructive, when it comes to increasing Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and protecting our natural resources. He’s eliminated all references to climate change on the State’s Department of Natural Resources website, cut funding for Focus on Energy programs and weakened regulations that protect our drinking water, forcing Wisconsin kids and families to drink water that is laced with lead and other harmful pollutants.

“I’m not embarrassed to say it – I believe in science. If President Trump is not going to lead on this important issue, it is up to Governors to lead instead. Scott Walker has refused to lead, and has instead chosen to divide people. As Governor, I will bring everybody to the table, including utilities, environmental groups and tribal leaders, to find commonsense, practical solutions to meeting the goals set out in the Paris Agreement,” Evers concluded.

Earlier this month, Evers was the first Democratic candidate to announce his pledge to remove politics from managing our natural resources by creating an independent DNR Secretary if elected Governor. Under Evers proposal, the Secretary would no longer be appointed by the Governor, but rather the Natural Resources Board.

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