As concerned groups voice their worries about CAFO expansions around the state, the DNR is reviewing new information on a controversial nutrient management plan from a Mondovi-based dairy farm.

Cranberry Creek Dairy is located west of Eau Claire in Buffalo County.

When concentrated animal feeding operations — or CAFOs — want to expand operations, that means a lot more manure will be produced. Because of that, they need to submit plans to the DNR for dealing with the manure.

“[An NMP] is a list of acreage that should be sufficient to spread the manure in a safe way,” said Jeff Smith, head of Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative – Western Wisconsin. “You can only put down so much manure in a year without it being harmful to the soil and water underneath.”

Anti-CAFO groups like Farms Not Factories, Family Farm Defenders and Citizens Water Coalition of Wisconsin are pushing back against expansion plans like this, citing potential environmental damage from manure run-off.

But proponents argue these operations enhance local economies and create jobs.

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