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The Dane County Land and Water Resources Department manages an Aquatic Plant Harvesting Program to cut and harvest Eurasian watermilfoil and other invasives from county waters.

From now through the end of August 2017, Dane County invites area residents to participate in an online survey to complement the county’s comprehensive assessment of aquatic plant communities and the harvesting program.

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi said, “Every five years Dane County assesses the health of our aquatic plant communities. We also review our management strategies for providing reasonable use of the lakes for boating, fishing and swimming, while preserving the health and balance of the lake ecosystem; and for maintaining flow in the Yahara River to prevent high water issues including flooding.

I invite county citizens to take a five-minute online survey at to tell us what you think about aquatic plant management needs for area lakes and rivers.”

Public comments and the plant survey field work to be conducted during summer 2017 will provide valuable information for updating aquatic plant management plans for waters across the county where county staff operate mechanical harvesters.

Aquatic plant management plans provide an inventory of existing plants in a lake or stream, and describe how native plants will be protected for their role as the foundation of healthy ecosystems, while nuisance non-native species will be controlled and recreational access will be provided. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources requires these plans in order for them to permit aquatic plant harvesting programs under NR 109 Wis. Admin. Code.

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