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Supreme Court candidate Rebecca Dallet received a $2,500 donation in 2013 from Chief Justice Pat Roggensack, a campaign finance check showed.

But Dallet’s campaign said the donation wouldn’t mean Dallet, who’s pitching herself as a middle-of-the-road jurist, would join the conservative majority Roggensack leads.

Dallet, a Milwaukee County circuit court judge who also spoke at the state Dem party convention this month, received the contribution from Roggensack in December 2013, according to a campaign finance report. Dallet also endorsed Roggensack when she ran for re-election to her Supreme Court seat in 2013.

Sachin Chheda, who’s advising Dallet’s campaign, said the endorsement was “based on her personal relationship with the family” as well as her respect for Roggensack.

“Justice Roggensack’s daughter is one of Judge Dallet’s best friends, and there’s a personal and respectful relationship between the two of them,” he said. “But Judge Dallet is very clear that if she were on the Supreme Court that she and Justice Roggensack would likely disagree on a lot of things.”

And he noted that Dallet had previously endorsed liberal Justices Ann Walsh Bradley and Shirley Abrahamson.

But a campaign spokeswoman for Madison attorney Tim Burns, who’s also seeking Justice Michael Gableman’s seat on the Supreme Court next year, said Dallet’s support of Roggensack showed she “clearly does not share our” progressive values.

“Judge Dallet’s endorsement of Justice Roggensack, combined with her inability to articulate cases where she disagrees with Justice Gableman, demonstrate that she is no friend to working families or progressives,” Amanda Brink said. “It is clear that Tim Burns is the only progressive in this race.”

Gableman, a member of the high court’s conservative majority, hasn’t said whether he’s running for re-election.

See the campaign finance report (page 7):

See Dallet among the list of those who endorsed Roggensack for justice:

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