Michael Screnock today announced he’s being endorsed by three conservative Supreme Court justices, including Michael Gableman, the justice he wants to replace on the high court.

Justices Rebecca Bradley and Daniel Kelly, both of whom Gov. Scott Walker appointed to the bench, also endorsed Screnock’s campaign today, along with former Justices Jon Wilcox and David Prosser.

Screnock is the only announced conservative candidate for the court, though there have been rumblings others may look at the race. Screnock’s backers are touting the endorsements as a sign he’s coalescing support in the conservative legal community, particularly with the additional backings of appeals court judges Mark Gundrum and Brian Hagedorn.

Gableman is being vetted for a job in the Trump administration and may resign from the bench before his term is up next year. That would allow Walker to appoint a replacement.

Some court watchers have also floated Gundrum and Hagedorn as possible picks for an appointment.

Screnock has indicated he would likely apply for an appointment if that occurred.

See the release:

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