The number of clean energy jobs in Wisconsin is up by some 7 percent, a new report says.

But such jobs make up a tiny number of overall jobs in the state.

Clean energy jobs grew by 6.8 percent last year to more than 26,380, says a recent report released by Illinois-based nonprofit Clean Energy Trust (logo pictured here) and national nonpartisan business group Environmental Entrepreneurs. The analysis is based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and a survey of thousands of businesses conducted by BW Research Partnership, a market researcher based in California.

Clean energy sectors included in the Clean Jobs Midwest report were renewable energy generation, advanced grid, energy efficiency, clean fuels and advanced transportation. The report shows job growth across these sectors occurred nearly six times as quickly as overall job growth in Wisconsin.

Most of the new jobs came from the renewable energy field, which includes wind, solar, geothermal, bioenergy and hydroelectric power. These job areas grew around 14 percent last year, with 4,207 solar workers, 666 workers in wind generation and 262 in geothermal.

Energy efficiency produced the lion’s share of clean energy jobs with 18,405, while renewable energy had 6,455. Advanced transportation had 999 workers, clean fuels had 340, and advanced grid had 185.

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