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Baraboo, Wis. – From the birthplace of the Ringling Brothers; Circus World whole-heartedly applauds Governor Walker and the Joint Finance Committee with their announcement of support for the 64-acre state-owned site and world-class collections.
As Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey ceases their touring operations, it is vitally important to preserve that legacy, and Wisconsin’s leading role in the heritage of the circus. Circus World is intimately tied to the Ringling Brothers story as the birthplace of the colossal touring operation, which brought joy and wonder to people across the country. Circus World is the world’s leading repository of those stories, and exists to collect, preserve, and interpret materials and artifacts relating to all circuses.
Circus World has been a proud member of the Wisconsin Historical Society family since its inception and is owned by the State of Wisconsin. The original Ringling structures in Baraboo are state treasures that have also achieved National Historic Landmark status.  They are the foundation of Circus World, and speak clearly to Baraboo’s continuing identity with the story of the American circus.
Additionally, Circus World maintains and operates the largest and finest library and research center in the world dedicated to preserving the colorful and vibrant stories of the circus.
“I am pleased that the Joint Committee on Finance has supported unanimously the Governor’s desire to provide state funding for the Circus World Museum.  State funds will help to address budget challenges at the facility and protect this important part of Wisconsin’s history,” according to Ellsworth Brown, The Ruth and Hartley Director of the Wisconsin Historical Society.  “The Society is committed to working closely with the Circus World Museum Foundation (CWMF) to ensure a successful transition in our unique state-local partnership.  The CWMF will continue to play an essential role in supporting this vital part of the Baraboo community.”
The State allocation approved by Governor Walker will support the management and preservation of the State’s exceptionally priceless collections including over 10,000 pieces of original and lithographic art, over 200 wooden circus wagons, more than 300,000 photographs, and an astounding array of irreplaceable artifacts valued at over 75 million dollars.
“I and the residents of Baraboo along with circus fans and historical advocates everywhere would like to thank Governor Walker, the Senate, the Assembly and the State Historical Society for their support and work to help find a sustainable future for Circus World.  We very much appreciate this non-partisan determination to protect this national treasure” stated Baraboo Mayor Mike Palm.
The Baraboo site celebrates the families of artists and countless others who for generations have dedicated themselves to bringing dreams to life. They continue to savor the taste of cotton candy, the laughter of clowns, and the daring achievements of acrobats flying in air. America needs Circus World more than ever and so, with the encouragement and support of Governor Walker and the elected State officials, Circus World has a brighter future going forward!
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