Tim Burns told Dem party activists tonight that the “political values of judges matter,” as he affirmed his candidacy as a progressive justice for state Supreme Court.

“We cannot get into fair and impartial courts without recognizing a brutal truth: the political values of judges matter,” he said.

Burns, a Madison attorney, pledged he would be running a “different type of campaign,” saying he would be “talking about my values nonstop.”

“I am running a nonpartisan race, but I will not run from progressive organization and I will not run from progressive politicians,” he said. “I am proud of the values we share.”

After announcing his candidacy last month, Burns has been depicting himself as a progressive candidate for Justice Michael Gableman’s seat, who has not yet announced he’s running next year.

Burns blasted Gableman as a justice who ran “the most corrupt campaign in our history” in 2008, saying his values have made him the “chief advocate for special interests in Wisconsin.”

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