Randy Bryce declined to participate in a forum next week with a fellow Dem 1st CD candidate and is unlikely to do any in the near future while “laser focused” on House Speaker Paul Ryan, his campaign said.

Cathy Myers, who is challenging Bryce for the opportunity to take on Ryan, slammed her rival for the decision, saying declining to face her undercuts his criticism of the House speaker for refusing to do a public town hall in the district.

“We are not going to beat the speaker of the House by using his own tactics against him,” Myers said, accusing Bryce of backing out of the Oct. 4 event.

But campaign manager David Keith said Bryce is not doing candidate forums at this time while focusing his attention on Ryan. He expected Bryce to debate other primary candidates, noting those typically happen around the June 1 filing deadline.

“We are running a campaign that will not be distracted by anything, but instead be laser focused on the atrocities that Paul Ryan is creating in Washington, D.C., for working families,” Keith said.

Forward Kenosha President Gina Walkington said the group was in talks with both campaigns about details for the event, which was to be put on with Our Wisconsin Revolution. While both candidates had indicated verbally they planned to participate, when asked for a written confirmation, Bryce’s campaign wrote back he was declining, she said.

See the Forward Kenosha statement:

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