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Randy Bryce Campaign Goes Viral with Second Campaign Video

In 24 hours, campaign’s latest video earns nearly 1 million views

Caledonia, WI: Randy Bryce’s insurgent campaign for Wisconsin’s First Congressional District has released its second video, explaining the clear difference between the movement for change fueling @IronStache’s insurgent campaign, and that of the ultimate DC establishment insider Speaker Paul Ryan — “We care about everybody, and they don’t.”

The video message has exploded across the internet, galvanizing a viral following of nearly 1,000,000 views in just 24 hours.

In the video, Bryce explains why “swinging the massive arm of change” back toward working people is needed now more than ever: right-wing ideologues and Washington insiders like Speaker Paul Ryan reward their powerful friends and corporate donors — while offering nothing for middle class and working families. “Because its worth the fight,” Bryce declares.

The video can be found here

The video has resonated powerfully out of the gates, with swift and visceral reaction. The PCCC tweeted that, “It’s time to take back the House — and @IronStache is going to help us do just that.” Democracy for America declared on Twitter, “We’re excited to support @IronStache, a candidate who knows what fighting for all working people truly means.” And in response to the video, comedian and activist Patton Oswalt wrote, “The Stache Is Coming.”

Patton Oswalt
“We launched our campaign because everyday people are sick and tired of Washington DC and the games being played with our retirements, our savings, and our futures,” said Bryce. “Tens of thousands of people quickly joined our movement ever since. The enormous support we received after launching this video is humbling, and is a testament to the passion sweeping Wisconsin and the Nation. We are ready for a change — to repeal and replace Paul Ryan.”

Randy Bryce is a Union Ironworker, Cancer Survivor, and Community Activist. After launching his campaign in June, Bryce reported raising $1.5 million dollars through the third financial quarter of 2017. He has received countless endorsements from organized labor, national progressive organizations, and grassroots leaders. Local and national elected officials–including America’s most popular elected official Senator Bernie Sanders–have joined Bryce’s movement to repeal and replace Paul Ryan.

See samples of reaction to the Bryce’ campaign latest video here:


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Working Families Party

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