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CALEDONIA, WI – Today, former Democratic Wisconsin Congressman Dave Obey endorsed Randy Bryce to replace Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District:

Paul Ryan has, for far too long, gotten away with his finely tuned act of being a moderate policy wonk, fighting the good fight on behalf of his constituents in Southeast Wisconsin. Rather, Ryan is an intellectually rigid, romantic ideologue masquerading as a moderate and pragmatic legislator. The only thing moderate about Paul Ryan is his demeanor. Candidate Trump had promised working people that they could count on him to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Advancing his own agenda that is hard on working people, Paul Ryan has pushed to turn Trump from a promise-keeper to a promise-breaker, in ways that would severely hurt working people. Working people can’t afford that kind of Koch Brothers-inspired and funded agenda. Working people can count on Randy to repeal and replace that kind of brutal thinking.

– Congressman Dave Obey (ret.)

“Dave Obey fought for us tirelessly in Congress,” said Bryce. “He never lost sight of the working people who he represented and I fully intend to do the same. It is an honor to have Congressman Obey’s support and I look forward to campaigning with him here in Wisconsin. It’s critical that Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District be represented by someone with his vision, passion, and care for working families.”

Randy Bryce is a veteran, cancer survivor, and Union Ironworker from Caledonia, Wisconsin. He launched his candidacy in late June and has since earned the support from progressive organizations, labor unions, and countless grassroots supporters in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District and around the Country. His candidacy is inspiring thousands to get involved and has reported raising funds from over 31,000 individuals.


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