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Emily Berge, a Licensed Professional Counselor, has declared her candidacy for Eau Claire City Council. She has filed her Declaration of Candidacy, as well as her Nomination Papers, so she can be on the ballot for the April 3rd Spring Election. Emily is running for District 1, which is the Northside of Eau Claire.

Emily has lived in Eau Claire for 16 years; she and her husband, along with their two children, have lived in district 1 for the last nine years. Emily earned her master’s degree from UW-Stout in Mental Health Counseling in 2006, and has been working in the community as a counselor ever since. She has worked in area medical facilities, mental health facilities, schools, and with businesses as a Licensed Professional Counselor. She now owns her own private practice in Eau Claire.

“With my counseling background, I know how to ask questions and seek out people’s experiences. I truly appreciate the process of dialogue and understanding. As someone who has grown increasingly frustrated by our elected officials not seeking out their constituents thoughts or even listening to those who do speak up, I think it is time for me to be the change I want to see.”
Over the last year, Emily has become more civically engaged and has organized events to increase civic engagement among her community members. She looks forward to continuing this trend of bridging the gap between decision makers and the citizens of Eau Claire. If elected, she will represent the Northside in particular and will focus on hearing what her constituents have to say.

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