This post is part of our coverage of the 2017 state GOP convention in Wisconsin Dells. See the rest of our coverage here.

State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk said the elimination of the treasurer’s office will be a “symbolic win for limited local government.”

Adamczyk who came out to Europe’s “The Final Countdown,” said he did so because the office is near to be eliminated with an amendment to do so having passed two consecutive legislative sessions and set to go before voters in April 2018.

He noted that when he took office he fired his entire staff and has worked to find other ways to save taxpayer money.

He criticized his predecessor for spending money on promotional items, and blasted former Dem Gov. Jim Doyle for entering into a $30 million lease before leaving office on a building Adamczyk said was worth just $5 million.

Adamczyk asked attendees to support eliminating the treasurer’s office.

“I ask you to vote to eliminate it so I will be the last state treasurer,” he said.

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